J.Philippe Lamothe

Character, Prop and Miniature designer


About me

I am a self taught character, prop and miniature artist with a passion for video games.

I started being interested in a career in the gaming industry in 1997 with the realease of Quake II and the ability it gave amateur developpers the freedom to create their own "game".

At the time, the tools weren't easy to find and even harder to master. There weren't as many tutorials as there are now which meant the artists had to learn from scratch how to extrude a face.

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with multiple 3d art tools and also joined on a few projects as a 3d artist. During the pandemic, I tried my hand at miniature design and I was immidiately enamored with the fact that I could hold one of my 3d models. I could create and pose interesting characters as well as create props that would be 3d printed. Most of the sculpting skills that I've learned while designing miniatures translate very well to video game modeling.



Blender  |  ZBrush  |  XNormal  |  3DCoat  |  Krita  |  Photoshop  |  3dsMax


Character Modeling  |  Organic Sculpting  |  Prop Modeling  |  3D Printing  |  Fantasy


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    Capital National, Qc, Canada

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